Judy Fjell Newsletter <$today>
Hello, friends, I'm looking forward to Solid 15, a Songwriters' event here in Helena this Friday night, September 9, at 8 PM. 

 I'll be sharing some of my most recent songs in this songwriters' showcase:  
"Talkin' Baby Boomer Blues" (a song of hope and optimism for us baby boomers and our younger generation friends) 
"I'm a Feminist Way Down Deep" (feels good to sing this one and have audience folks singing along)  
"It's a Civilized World" (ironic, humorous use of the word "civilized"). 

I'm also looking forward to hearing songs from other Helena songwriters and would love to see some of you in the audience at Free Ceramics at 650 Logan Street in Helena. 

 If you are geographically challenged to attend this gig but would like to hear the songs, please just write to me at judyfjell@mac.com and I'll send you a link to whatever digital representation I might have, whether it be an mp3, video, or pdf file on YouTube, in Dropbox, or email. No guarantees that the song will be in a finished or polished state, but since writing is a process, I will love any opportunity to connect with you, my audience. Thanks for your interest and support. 

Some of you may know that my left thumb has been "triggering." I continue to look for solutions. Cortisone has been somewhat helpful, and the orthopedist and I will take a look at my thumb again at the end of this month to see what we think. Prayers and good thoughts are welcome, too, and any solid advice any of you may have from experience. 

In the meantime, I limit my use of the C chord, and avoiding wrapping my thumb around to the F# on a D chord. I suppose this is a good challenge for my aging brain to learn some new tricks. But my main hope is that losing an opposable thumb will not throw me into a state of reverse evolution where I'll start sprouting fins or growing gills. Luckily, I can still teach guitar, ukulele, and voice, so all is well. 

 We had a good rain the other day in the Helena Valley, so we're feeling better even though it is, yes, a precarious world. 

We WILL keep on keepin' on! Judy 

P.S. It would be my dad's 106th birthday today. I can hardly imagine how surprised he would be by today's world.