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Hello, everyone, if you just received a blank newsletter, please chock it up to Murphy's Law.

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Hello, All,
It's been a great summer. Summersing Camp was a terrific gathering as usual - friends, music, great food, beautiful surroundings. It just doesn't get any better. We have now been gathering for THIRTY years. Thanks to all of you who have attended and supported Music Empowerment activities.
After camp in June a local Helenan named Betsy took Katie and Tami and me up the nose of the Sleeping Giant north of town at the Gates of the Mountains. It was a beautiful hike which I've posted pictures of on my Facebook page. Check it out.
Much of June and July has been an experiment in drip irrigation for our home garden. I have increasing respect for the wisdom of farmers. Who would have known that the vegetables in our garden could each be worth so much by the time we count hours, equipment, and bringing in good topsoil. However, every time we collect salad greens for our evening meal and fresh, chard, kale, cilantro, and basil for our eggs we know it's worth it.

Next week Katie and I leave for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to stay at her parents' delightful cabin on peaceful Fish Lake. Since the local coffeehouse is a sweet place to play, we've arranged a concert.
Here are the details, which you can also find on my website.

2016 Falling Rock Postcard


 Montana Singer-Songwriter Judy Fjell (prounounced fee-YELL) will make a serendipitous concert stop at the Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore in Munising on Saturday, August 13 at 7 PM. While visiting family in the area, she will also enjoy opportunities for birdwatching and lake kayaking. 

Judy has been entertaining folks since she first picked up a garage sale guitar as a teenager in the 60's in her home state of Montana. Inspired by such great folk heroes as Pete Seeger, Buffy St.-Marie, Joan Baez, and Malvina Reynolds, Judy also took up the pen in the tradition of her cowboy storyteller father. She now has over 200 songs and 20 albums to her credit and a very long performance history at festivals, rallies, campuses, concerts, churches, and coffeehouses across the United States. She is also a music educator who has travelled to Japan several times to teach English through music. She loves to sing about our world as it is - we human beings with our lovable aspects and our foibles, the amazing natural world we inhabit, and our attempts to figure it all out in our politics and religion. Concert originals include the titles "Love and Justice," "Bird Return," "I Keep Hoping," "If There Is a God," "Queer As a Three Dollar Bill," "I Love You But I Don't Love Your Dog," and "It's a Civilized World." Judy is also an exceptional guitar player who delivers her own seamless, heartfelt fingerstyle arrangement of "Over the Rainbow." 
 An evening with Judy Fjell at Falling Rock will provide plenty to think about and laugh with, and her memorable songs will follow you home. Suggested donation for the Saturday, August 13 concert is $5. The Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore is located in downtown Munising. Falling Rock's phone number is (906)387-3008 and Judy Fjell's website is www.judyfjell.com.  

More later on upcoming gigs but for right now I just want to get this information out to you to make up for the empty message I just sent. Check my website for details on these fall dates. And, to ask me directly about details, just email, text or call judyfjell@mac.com (406)930-1650 
Montana Sept. 16-18 Celebrating Women Weekend 
Spokane - Coeur d'Alene  Sept. 30-Oct.2 UU Women's Retreat
San Francisco October 22 MCC Concert with Tami Pallingston, Shauna Joseph, Kathy Olberts

Keep singing and making music, in this crazy world, it's something we can count on! :-)
Love, Judy