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Hi, all!
I'm getting ready to fly to Denver for the Music EdVentures conference, followed by a slate of concerts and worship services in the Denver area. I'll be playing concerts in Columbine next Saturday night April 9 and in Denver on Saturday April 16. Flyers and directions are on my website. Worship services scheduled in Columbine on April 10 and Foothills UU in Fort Collins on April 17. Hope to see you or your Denver friends at these events. I'll be singing songs from my recent CD Nobody Else's Dream as well as a new ironic blues piece I've written "It's a Civilized World." Last night I had a lot of fun in Garage Band recording it with guitar and harmonica.  
I've been a little behind getting all the promo up as my hard drive on my beloved MacBook died when I got home from the West Coast tour. Thanks to my computer miracle worker Bob Segil in Livingston, Montana, I am up and running again. And thanks to a round of antibiotics, the sinus infection I came home with is on its way out, too. Here's to good health and music! Hope to see you in Denver!
If you'd like to hear a Garage Band version mp3 of my latest song "It's a Civilized World," send me an email and I'll share a link to my Dropbox file . . . (Lyrics are below)
As always, please take care of yourselves, families, friends, and the planet and KEEP SINGING. I watch in amazement as our nation redefines our political conversations and infrastructure. May we communicate with each other with love and patience. The struggle for habitat and well being is ongoing and omnipresent. Even the mountain bluebirds and western bluebirds are fighting over bluebird boxes up the street. 
But it's been a record snow geese year here in Montana, the chickadees are singing now and the avocets are back!


Words/Music ©2016 Judy Fjell (BMI)

//:It's a civilized world://

Can't get enough of that 

Too much stuff

In this civilized world

//:It's a civilized world://

Take it out of the ground 

Drive it around

It's a civilized world

//:It's a runaway train://

Point the fingers

And place the blame

For this runaway train

//:It's a civilized world://

Put the water in the bottles 

Throw the bottles in the water

It's a civilized world 

//:It's a civilized world://

It's all about me 

Oh say can you see

It's a civilized world

//:It's a civilized world://

The Blackfeet and Hopi 

The Iroquois know we

Got a civilized world

//:It's a civilized world://

So much to lose

Now we can all sing the blues

In this civilized world

4/4 Melody solfa:

.....M Mb M Mb M D....



M Mb M Mb M D...

Chords: 4/4 time blues feel

A7 / A7 / D7 / D7 / 

E7 or A / E7 / A / A //