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Hello, all.

First . . . The Judy Fjell Events Calendar beginning September 2014

Tuesday, September 2 HELENA

Montana Womenís Chorus - Helena Chapter

6:15-7:45PM weekly at St. Paulís United Methodist Church

All women are invited to sing with us. No auditions, just lots of fun. Sing beautiful music while improving your voice and your musical skills

Sliding Scale Membership, Occasional Performances

Wednesday, September 3 HELENA

Private lessons begin - Guitar, Voice, Ukulele

And YES i am available to do SKYPE lessons. Itís pretty fun. Let me know if youíd like to try long distance learning

Saturday, September 6 BOULDER

Boulder Music and Art Festival southwestmt.com/listings/17431.htm

2:10-2:50 PM Judy Fjell with Beth Youngblood

Saturday, September 13 HELENA

Harvest Celebration (sponsored by Big Sky UU at Plymouth UCC  

4PM Seminars, 5:30 Potluck Dinner, 

7 PM Hootenanny with Judy Fjell and Jim Schulz

Friday-Sunday, September 19-21 BOULDER

Celebrating Women Weekend at Boulder Hot Springs

Workshops, Performances, Om Tara with Judy Fjell (throughout weekend)

Art exhibit and Workshop with Katie Knight

Thursday, September 25 HELENA

Concert at Myrna Loy - Helena 7:30 PM

Judy Fjell w/ Beth Youngblood (violin/vocals) & Tami Pallingston (bass, vocals)

Tickets $17 at www.myrnaloycenter.com/

Friday, September 26 MISSOULA

Reception at the JRPC 6:30-7:30

Concert at Crystal Theater 515 S. HIggins, Missoula 7:30-8:30

Judy Fjell w/ Beth Youngblood (violin/vocals) & Tami Pallingston (bass, vocals)

Sponsored by Jeannette Rankin Peace Center (Reception, Concert and Singalong)

Tickets $12 at www.mkt.com/jeannette-rankin-peace-center

Sing along and meet the musicians at JRPC after the concert

October 2014 - Iíll be at home doing the usual - writing, arranging, booking, working on new recordings.


(I wonít be there but Marianne Barlow and the Organic Chorus are producing this event for the 5th year)

Berkeley Fellowship of UUs, 1606 Bonita Ave (at Cedar)

THE BIRDS AND THE BEES: Songs of Love & Pollinators

Choral & Variety show to celebrate and raise money for WoMaMu

Friday-Monday, Nov. 21-24 WOMAMU at the Bishopís Ranch, CA

Women are invited to participate in this joyous weekend of singing and playing. For details and registration information see womamu.org

Saturday, February 7

GATHER THE JOY - Annual singing day with the Montana Womenís Chorus

St. Paulís United Methodist Church

February 9-May 1- Concerts to be scheduled in WA, OR, CA, UT, CO and more


Good morning from beautiful Montana September 2, 2014 (Labor Day)

Gratitude is the order of the day. Itís an amazing blessing to live here where the mountains meet the prairie. Despite the treachery and uncertainty in the world, nature still offers an abundance of comfort here. Wednesday afternoon Halley and I took a walk up in the hills just south of the house where she and I enjoyed viewing the dotted gayfeather, a species that blooms profusely this time of year.


Iíve had a great summer, lots of time with family and friends and an exceptionally good week at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, one of the places that inspired me to start the Music Empowerment camps which I have led for so many years. Katie and I had so much fun with her grandson at the Oregon coast in June and an equally wonderful time with her parents at their cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - canoeing, birding, sailing, playing guitar, listening to loons, eating ice cream . . . oh, yes, and learning to live with mosquitoes!

Iíve been having such a good time this summer, in fact, that I have been pretty remiss in updating my website. Iíve been catching up on that so I can let folks know about the wonderful activities coming up in September and beyond. Hereís the official e-news announcement. I know some of you will see the events listed on Facebook, too. Please help me spread the word by ďlikingĒ on FB, forwarding the e-news, or you might even resort to that old fashioned way of simply ďtelling" your friends about the gigs.

Iím very excited to play these concerts the end of September with Tami Pallingston and Beth Youngblood in Helena and Missoula. I love the way the songs are coming together for the concerts and a new CD. Crystal, Beth, Tami and I will be the principal players on this new project. Some of the songs will be familiar to you, but there may be a few surprises. I have so many unrecorded songs which should actually be ďout there in the worldĒ Iím doing my best to make it happen. Things donít move as fast as they used to, as I have to rest my voice and my hands more these days, but as always, I feel very grateful to be able to play and write music. And the songs just keep coming!

My latest passion of playing finger style guitar continues and thanks to the Latin guitar class I took this summer at PSGW, I have rediscovered how much I love the mellow sound of nylon strings. The classical neck on my beloved Martin New Yorker is too wide and deep for my hands these days so I just bought a crossover Yamaha (smaller neck, cutaway shape, and nylon strings) to see if it will work for me. The Goiní Over Home CD has been so well received, thank you for your enthusiasm. Weíll see what the future brings as I continue to write and arrange for the guitar!

So I hope you'll mark the dates on your calendar . . . I sure hope to see you or friends of yours at these gigs in September. Iím getting ready for Women Making Music in California Nov. 21-24 and am also laying plans for an extensive tour from the second week of February through the end of April. Weíll be traveling through Washington, Oregon, and California before making our way back to Montana through Utah, Colorado and other southwestern states. Any suggestions you have for venues are always welcome! It takes a village (or two) to support a musician.

I hope you are having a beautiful fall. And if you live in California or Oregon, I have been thinking of you and praying for rain.

Much love to you all - keep making music and singing singing singing!


My partner Katie Knight just took this new publicity picture of Beth and me.  Youíll see it on the flyers for September. And here's that vibrant picture of the Montana Womenís Chorus and the Mother Earth Puppet SynnÝvei from the Motherís Day concert at St. Paulís in Helena on May 11.  How Iíd love to find time to edit and post the videos of that incredible concert to YouTube!  Maybe this fall . . .

Judy Fjell with Beth Youngblood 

Photo by Katie Knight  


The Montana Women's Chorus with SynnÝvei 

Mother Earth Puppet begun at 2008 Summersing Camp