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Greetings, everyone, from Corvallis, Oregon,

Crystal and I had a fabulous time playing music together last weekend - Bellingham, Kirkland, Olympia, and Portland.  We both loved the opportunity to take the songs to another level with live performance.  Thanks to all of you who came to the concerts or spread the word amongst your friends and relatives.  The Traditions concert in Olympia was sold out to an enthusiastic crowd as was the Portland house concert.  Many many thanks to those of you who have been hosting us on the road and promoting the concerts.  It all adds up! 

Saturday night we celebrated birthdays with friends of the Righteous Mothers and I presented framed Love and Justice "certificates" to friends Doodle and Susan, and Lisa and Lynn (When two women say "I do," it's all about love, When the state says "We do, too," it's about justice, Oh the freedom to marry, it's about love and justice and the way we all live in the world."  

On Sunday many members of the Aurora Women's Chorus were in attendance, as well as friends and members of Motherlode, so the audience singing was outstanding!  Julie Earnest and Marylyn John did an amazing job not only of producing the concert but of managing to get everyone parked!

We have another great weekend of music coming up.  It all begins with an Open Your Heart Songbook singalong tonight in Corvallis at 7 PM at the Corvallis UU Fellowship.  I look forward to the opportunity to share some of the gems in that songbook which I edited in 2010 and co-published with the Mountain Desert Unitarian Universalist office.  It is a such a wonderful collection and currently enhances worship music in many churches and UU fellowships.

The first of our International Women's Day weekend celebration concerts will be this Friday night, March 7, 7:30 PM at the Corvallis UU Fellowship.  We are looking forward to making music with our bass player, Tami Pallingston, who is driving up today from California.  We'll play on Saturday, March 8 at 7:30 at the Ashland UCC, also joined by Women with Wings (directed by Amy Baumgart) and Singer-Songwriter Marianne Barlow (WoMaMu board member). We'll close the tour in Roseburg, Sunday March 9 at 3 PM at the Umpqua UU.

Further information and flyers for these concerts are on my website calendar.  http://www.judyfjell.com/Events.htm?_p=Y

In Seattle we had an opportunity to see our friend and extraordinary improv teacher Pamela Stoneham.  She will be hosting a two hour introductory improv class in that city on Saturday, March 29.   If you're in the area, or know folks who are, pass the word.  Pamela has taught at Women Making Music retreats for almost twenty years.  I can vouch for her incredible skill. You'll have a great time!  More information available at pamela.stoneham@gmail.com.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and then to my return to Montana.  We've had some unbelievably wild weather there for the last several weeks, but, as usual, I look forward to the Bird Return.  We continue to sing even as we grieve the loss of our sister singer Michel Colville (Summersing camper, Montana Women's Chorus member, Canta Bella camper, Convocation camper, co-creator of the 12 foot goddess puppet Synnovei, and lover of the outdoors and nature).  We send healing energy to Fred and to their many family members and friends.  

And we continue to take counsel from the words of our friend and composer Mary Buckley "Life is brief beyond belief. Dive into the water, walk through the fire."  

My best to all of you - hope to see some of you this weekend!

Love,  Judy