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September 12, 2013 Greetings!

I'm happy to announce the upcoming release of


I hope you can join me at one of these MONTANA CD RELEASE CELEBRATION CONCERTS (If not in body, then at least in spirit :-)


Tickets on sale at www.myrnaloycenter.com

Joining me with her delightful voice and musical sensibilities will be violinist/vocalist Beth Youngblood. And I am so pleased that the Helena chapter of the Montana Women's Chorus will perform two of my songs "May We Be Worthy of This Good Food" and "Will You Join Me on This Journey." I am grateful for the support of the Myrna Loy Artist Grant, family, friends, and fans. It should be a great concert night!

Beth and the Montana Women's Chorus (Missoula and Bozeman chapters) will also join me for two other CD release concerts.



The calendar at www.judyfjell.com has additional details. Concert admission is $17.

Even if you can't make it to these performances, I hope you will purchase the CD Goin' Over Home soon from my website, CD Baby or iTunes. Of the fourteen songs on the CD, seven are originals:

"Pure Joy"

"Masa's Waltz"

"Highland Home"

"Where the Mountains Meet the Prairie"

"Cat Nap"


"A Life Well Lived"

And I've included arrangements of several of my most loved songs:

"Over the Rainbow" (Yarburg/Arlen)

"Lonesome Moonlight Waltz Variations" (Bill Monroe)

"Spirit of Life" (Carolyn McDade)

Medley: "What Wondrous Love is This" and "Poor Wayfarin' Stranger"

"Wedding Song" (also known as "Servant Song")


The description on the cover, "American Fingerstyle Through the Hands of the Singer," came about because so many folks have remarked that they can hear me "singing" as I play the guitar. I felt that this profound compliment deserved to be shared.

Goin' Over Home began a couple of years ago when I promised a friend I'd record "Elena" and a few other pieces I'd written for guitar.  Having just settled in Helena with my partner Katie, I had a little more open time than usual and often played several hours a day, working on the songs I intended to record. Katie was very encouraging, she even prepared many meals while I simply sat and played guitar. Pieces that I had played for years took new and exciting turns, and a flood of new melodies also began to appear under my fingers. I could hardly keep track of the ideas! When the Myrna Loy awarded me a grant for the project, I decided that I should record a full length CD. Last December I set up my digital equipment in the little studio behind our house and began to record.

I have worked closely with my engineer friend Rick Kuschel at The Recording Center in Missoula to edit, mix and master the recording, and have been busy with the package design and other publicity and promotion details over the past several months. These past few days I've been checking the progress on my Account Login at www.discmakers.com to be sure the CD arrives in time for the first concert at the Myrna Loy. They've finished printing the eco-wallet and are ready to reproduce the CDs. The project is nearly ready to ship!

I hope you will want to listen to this CD over and over again, just as I have played these songs hundreds of times in bringing them to you. I've greatly enjoyed growing as a solo guitarist and have already begun to write and arrange songs for the next CD.

I also hope you'll enjoy the Montana landscape photos I've included in the package design. The cover picture is one I took a few years ago on a winter morning in Big Timber as the pink sunrise hit the snowcapped Crazy Mountains. Inside the eco-wallet is a photo Katie took on a clear (and windy!) day last fall as we drove between Fort Benton and Stanford, Montana. Square Butte and Round Butte, favorites of the great Western artist Charlie Russell, rise from the grass-covered hills.

On the picture on the inside of the CD I've written a brief paragraph about some of my inspiration as an artist, musician, and songwriter:

"I’m grateful to have grown up in Montana, 'where the mountains meet the prairie.' I have many memories of walking in the wind as a kid, alone in the never-ending outdoors, loving the solitude. Cloud shadows and the subtle color changes of this landscape continue to fascinate me. There’s nothing quite like open miles of grass and sagebrush with coulees and pines on the hillsides, mountains on the horizon, an eagle high in the sky, and songbirds flashing colors through the brush along the creeks. The change of seasons here is a comfort which affirms that nature is the ultimate power. Yes, I even love the Montana winters; plenty of time during those long evening hours to settle in and play the guitar."

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support of my music-making. I look forward to your response to the Goin' Over Home on Facebook or email and I'll keep in touch as musical adventures continue to unfold.

Judy Fjell