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January 23, 2013

Good morning, all, from Helena, Montana. Hope to see you along the way in the next few months. I try to keep my website calendar updated, but for your early convenience as I'm finalizing dates, the condensed version appears below. Check it out.

I have enjoyed a couple of spirited appearances recently. On Monday I sang "Queer as a Three Dollar Bill" for a Human Rights Network gathering to present their annual Walt Brown Award to two local activists who helped greatly with the passage of a local (LGBT) nondiscrimination ordinance.  Helena City Commissioner Katherine Haque-Hasrath (who ran on a nondiscrimination platform) and local Methodist pastor Tyler Amundson received the awards. The video of the performance is a little fuzzy so I wasn't going to share it, but I may upload it later to YouTube just for fun, so keep posted.  (I think you can even subscribe to my videos on YouTube).  You'll love hearing Montana banjo player par excellence Kathleen Johnson adding her hot licks to the song. 

Hear a Garage Band version of the song "Queer as a Three Dollar Bill."

Please notice that there is a place for you to play a solo.  Give it a go on your own banjo, guitar, mandolin, trumpet, oboe, harmonica, or hurdy gurdy.  :-)

Yesterday, Jan. 22, I sang at noon at the Capitol Rotunda in Helena in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It was a great gathering hosted by pro-choice groups such as NARAL, and attended by many legislators and lobbyists in town for the legislative session. Lt. Governor John Walsh gave a very affirming speech at the beginning of the rally and it was great to hear so many other inspirational speakers. I've posted a video clip on YouTube of the song I sang. The video itself is nothing fancy but I've already had lots of positive feedback from folks as a result of posting it on Facebook. It is so great to hear from all of you whether via Facebook, email, or YouTube. I wrote "No Turnin' Back" for the national NOW conference in San Francisco in 1990 to commemorate and elaborate on the conference theme.

Here's that link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e2XLuSvjLg

And the lyrics so you can sing along:

NO TURNIN’ BACK ©1990 Judy Fjell (BMI)

The planet is in an uproar, she is in crisis now

The people are wonderin’ can she possibly heal

And they can’t imagine how

Well I tell you there’s a new day dawning this very hour

The women are rising up again with our healing power


And there’s no turning, no turning, no turning back now

No turning, no turning, no turning back now

In the middle of such abundance of our great Earth Mother’s love

More women and children in poverty, what can the leaders be thinkin’ of

Well, the women are good and angry this and every hour

And we are risin’ up again to take our political power CHORUS

There are many kinds of people all over the world with the system on their backs

Lots of money bein' made by keepin’ em down on the other side of the tracks

Well, the people are crossin’ over this very hour

Joinin’ hands against injustice in a rainbow of power CHORUS


I've been booking spring tours and have set these upcoming dates. I look forward to seeing folks "on the road." I'll be posting flyers and details on the calendar as I finish them, but I thought I'd send out the preliminary information now. Feel free to visit www.judyfjell.com or write me anytime at judyfjell@mac.com for more information about appearances in your "neck of the woods."  If you have an idea for another appearance I might be able to fit into the schedule, please contact me.


TUESDAY NIGHTS - 6:15-7:45 Montana Women's Chorus St. Paul's Choir Room (we're there every Tuesday night except when I'm on tour)

SAT, JAN. 26 HELENA SongWorks singing games workshop 9:30-NOON St. Paul's Choir Room

SAT. FEB. 2 HELENA "Gather the Joy" Montana Women's Chorus Day 10 AM-4 PM St. Paul's Choir Room https://www.facebook.com/groups/318410168199814/?fref=ts


SAT. MAR. 9 SAN DIEGO Wild Jammin' Women presents a day of Music, Music, Music Judy Fjell with Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, Peggy Watson, Lisa Sanders, and the Trouble Clefs www.wildjamminwomen.com


SAT. MAR. 16 BERKELEY Concert with Nancy Schimmel 7:30 PM at Redwood Gardens

SUN MAR. 17 SAN FRANCISCO Music for 11 AM worship at the First Unitarian Universalist Society http://www.uusf.org

SUN MAR. 17 Concert at Ukiah Center for Spiritual Living 7:30 PM

MON. MAR. 18 - WED. MAR. 20 Musician-in-Residence at Brookside School Willits

FRI. MAR. 22 - MON. MAR. 25 WOMAMU!!! www.womamu.org


WED. MAR. 27 ASHLAND Singing Workshop with Women with Wings

THUR. MAR. 28 ASHLAND Concert with Crystal Reeves (details TBA)

FRI. MAR. 29 CORVALLIS Concert with Crystal Reeves Best Cellar Coffeehouse http://cfs.peak.org/bestcellar/

SAT. MAR. 30 ROSEBURG Concert with Crystal Reeves http://www.roseburguu.org


THUR. APR. 4 - SAT. APR. 6 - MINNEAPOLIS Music EdVentures conference www.musicedventures.org


THUR. APR. 18 (details TBA) Grow Local event with Montana Women's Chorus for Helena Community Gardens http://helenagardens.org

FRI. APR. 19 BIG TIMBER Benefit for Friends of Dornix Park at the Homestead B & B 7:30 PM http://dornixpark.org/page3/

SAT. APR. 20 (details TBA) BILLINGS Concert for UU Fellowship of Billings http://uubillings.org

SUN. APR. 21 (details TBA) BILLINGS Leading worship for UU Fellowship of Billings

SUN. MAY 19 HELENA Leading worship with the Rev. Julia McKay and the Montana Women's Chorus of Helena http://bigskyuu.org

(Worship service dates for Glacier Valley (Kalispell) and Missoula will be announced later. I'm trying to coordinate spring dates, but it may have to wait til fall)


Sign up now for Summersing. We'll be back at Mimanagish this summer. Lots of women are excited about setting up tents again on the banks of the beautiful Boulder River! http://judyfjell.com/camps_summersing.htm?_p=Y


And . . . . in closing, Just in case some of you ever run short of cash, here's a link to my free "Queer as a Three Dollar Bill $$$$$$."


You can download the pdfs, "print your own," and sing along. Don't worry that you might be prosecuted for counterfeiting, you're as safe as the "Wall Street Boys" when you use this kind of Bona Fide Queer Money.  It's not worth much in the material world but it has a great deal of "spiritual value." Feel free to spend it as you will, put it in a collection plate, or use it to pay off your mortgage at one of the banks that we bailed out.  Have fun! :-)

Some of you have probably noticed that I've been posting quite a bit on Facebook lately. If we aren't "friends" yet on FB, please request it, I'm happy to add you to my growing list.  It's a good way to keep in touch.  Thanks for your support and the interesting things that you post.  I learn a lot and laugh a lot thanks to FB and the internet.

In the meantime, don't forget to keep singing and making your own music, Judy