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January 27, 2011

Greetings, friends, from Big Timber, Montana.

Every morning I look north toward the Yellowstone River and Crazy Mountains to see what I call "The Morning Show." It was particularly spectacular today. A big wind cloud stretched high across the entire western sky, plump and pink. A few minutes later the snow-capped Crazies were bathed in a radiant pink glow. Later yet, the golden light reached down to the vast foothills in the foreground. It always makes me stop for a few moments to give thanks for the gift of living on this beautiful planet.

This beauty keeps me company at the kitchen counter as I answer emails and update my website. I thought I'd best send you an e-news, as I have been working on a number of website updates, including adding my new 2010 songbooks to the store. I'm still learning how to add easy links into the newsletter. Some are included this time, I'll keep working on it. In the meantime, please feel free to visit the website anytime.

Hope to see some of you in Colorado next weekend as I visit the Unitarian Universalist Church there for a concert and worship. Later in February, I'll be at the Music EdVentures conference in Portland and then up to Woodinville, WA the first weekend in March for a concert, workshop, and worship at the Woodinville UU Church. See details about these and other gigs on down the page.



Judy Fjell Open Your Heart Songbook: $20. Songs of Spirit, Joy, and Reverence for Religious Liberals and Spiritual Seekers

This collection, which I finished last October, includes 63 songs in lead sheet form with chords for guitar and piano. I've been singing some of these songs with you for many years and am truly happy to have made this book available with collaboration from the Mountain Desert District UUA in Denver. I have also written several new songs for the collection. I hope you will order one for yourself and show it to your choir director, minister, folk group leader, etc. (If you would like to order 20 or more copies, there is a price break of $15 each. Order them from Mountain Desert District UUA office, 2242 South Albion St. Denver, CO 80222

The Judy Fjell Ukulele Beginner Book 1: $25 w/CD, $ 15 book only

I also have some great beginner colored ukuleles for sale ($30!), but they're not yet listed at the store or on the Good Dog website. But if you'd like to place an order, write me at judyfjell@mac.com or give me a call at (406)932-6468.

Also at the store. . . . I keep working on adding to this area so that you can easily purchase the following:

CDs, Lead Sheets, Song Downloads, Choral Arrangements If you don't see your favorite at the store, send me an email. I'd be happy to send it to you.

FREE SONG LYRICS Some of you may not be aware that I have posted almost all of my song lyrics on my website. You can download them for free. And, if you're in need of money, check out "Queer As a Three Dollar Bill" pdfs. You can print your own Judy Fjell Three Dollar Bills and sing along!



Check out this link to download flyers or to see more information. http://www.judyfjell.com/Events.htm

Friday, Feb. 4 - 7:30 PM Concert, UU Church of Boulder, CO

Friday, Feb. 6 - 10:30 AM Worship, UU Church of Boulder, CO (with the Rev. Howell Lind)

Feb. 24-26 - Music EdVentures Conference, Portland, OR (I am President-Elect of this wonderful group of teachers who have continued to mentor me since taking an Education Through Music class in Corvallis, Oregon in 1982. Several of you have attended this international conference or will attend it this year. For more information on the fantastic conference we have planned for anyone who teaches, see www.musicedventures.org )

Saturday, Mar. 5 - Singing Workshop, 10AM UU Church, Woodinville, WA

Saturday, Mar. 5 - 7:30 PM Concert, UU Church, Woodinville, WA

Sunday, Mar. 6 - 10 AM Worship, UU Church - Woodinville, WA (with the Rev. Lois Van Leer)

Fri-Mon, April 15-18 - Spring WoMaMu at the Bishop's Ranch, Healdsburg, CA.

If you would like to know more about Women Making Music retreats, see www.womamu.org. You can also email me at judyfjell@mac.com or our registrar Lynne Pethtel at lynnepethtel@charter.net.

Also coming up . . .

May 14 & 15 - Concert, worship at First Unitarian Albuquerque

June 24-July 1 - SummerSing Camp (Friday eve-Friday noon, one full week!) http://www.judyfjell.com/camps_summersing.htm

Women, I invite you to spend a week at SummerSing Montana at the end of June in 2011. Camp is a wonderful way to energize ourselves for life in the "outer world." Once more, 2011 SummerSing promises to be a great week of music, art, laughter, friendship, hiking, birding, meditation, and more. Scholarships and payment plans are available, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to come. Email or call me if you have questions, I'm happy to talk "camp" with you.


Also scheduled in my 2011 future is a trip to Colorado to lead music at UU Leadership School in August, and another teaching trip to Japan in July or August. I'm excited once again to be teaching music at the Beat of a Different Drum weekend retreat for families of children with autism spectrum disorder on Labor Day weekend in Wyoming. Fall WoMaMu dates are October 7-9 at Enchanted Hills Camp near Napa, California.

But returning to today . . . winter is lingering here in south central Montana where I love watching the winter birds. Bald and golden eagles, and rough-legged hawks, are busy and abundant along the river and out in the fields. I have also taken special notice of the Townsend's Solitaire on my bird walks this year. They sing a fabulous song! As the name suggests, there's usually only one at a time perched at the top of a pine or on a cottonwood branch. No matter how lonely the world gets, it is certainly more joyful for ourselves and others when we sing.

Keep making music. I hope to see you somewhere along the way. If I'm not scheduled soon for a concert or appearance near you, write or call and we'll see if we can set something up! That's pretty much how I do my booking. I'll be happy to hear from you.

Much love, Judy



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