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Greetings, friends!  I hope that you are all well and thriving in these "interesting" times.

Since I'm not having much luck editing my websites today, I thought I'd just take the opportunity to send you some e-news.

What a busy summer it has been - Turning sixty is no small thing.  I've had birthday celebrations at SummerSing camp and in Big Timber in July. And just last Saturday in Berkeley, Lenore put on quite a party for me with some big help from our friends. Crystal Reeves and I performed "Sittin' on the Back Porch" and there were other wonderful performances with Lenore Ralston, Kathy Olberts, Shauna Joseph, Betsy Rose, Linda Hirschhorn, Mary Watkins, Bonnie Lockhart, Nancy Schimmel, Pamela Stoneham, the Organic Chorus, Nancy Wallace, and the 8/21/10 incarnation of the Canta Bella Chorus singing "I Open My Heart."

Other highlights of the summer were our annual gathering at SummerSing camp (beautiful violin classes with Beth Youngblood, amazing cyanotype and batik projects with Katie Knight, life-changing improv with Pamela Stoneham, bucket drumming with the exuberant Stormi Oshun, daily Om Tara dancing, wildflower and bird walks, swimming, crystal digging, and did I say lots and lots and lots of singing?) I'm still working on dates for next year's SummerSing and hope to be able to announce them soon. SummerSing just keeps getting better and better. We had such a fantastic cook this year that I'd like to make sure that we can have her join us again.

Another highlight of the summer was the incredible 2010 Cool Water Hula in Butte. I'm hoping to get some photos and videos of these events up on my websites, but as busy as things have been lately, I'll need to clone myself first.  (Good luck, Dolly).

In the meantime, check Facebook for Summersing, WoMaMu, and the Cool Water Hula. You can also visit Kristi Hager's blogspot - http://coolwaterhula.blogspot.com/ and Katie Knight's website www.katieknight.net.

Speaking of great camps and gatherings in our women's community, Fall WoMaMu is coming up Oct. 29-31 at the Bishop's Ranch.  Pamela Stoneham and Harmony Grisman and I will be stirring up fun and beauty with the community on Halloween weekend.  I just sent out a bunch of pdfs of the flyer this morning.  If you did not get one but would like to register, please just send me a request at judyfjell@mac.com, okay?  

And, if you live in northern California, please note that there will be a concert to benefit the WoMaMu scholarship fund on Saturday, September 25, at Redwood Gardens in Berkeley from 7-9.  For more info about that, contact our WoMaMu board member Marianne Barlow mlbarlow2@hotmail.com. This will be a great opportunity to connect with the community even if you aren't able to make it to camp.

 UU news . . . I'm scheduled for quite a few workshops, worship services and concerts this year.  Worship subjects in the past have included "Faith Despite Yabbits," "Assurance for UUs," and "Putting Our Whole Selves In (What If the Hokey Pokey IS What It's All About?" I'm currently centering worship around my recent song "This Chalice I Wear" which is about the importance of the chalice as a UU symbol of faith. More details will be available on the website soon :-)

September 5 Sheridan, WY 

November 7 Pocatello, ID

February 5 Boulder, CO

February 19 Woodinville, WA (tentative) 

My upcoming UU Songbook! I am very excited to be finishing a songbook collection for UUs (and other spirit-filled religious liberals).  Looks like the title will be "Open Your Heart" based on a song I have co-written with the Rev. Lois Van Leer.  It will be published through the Mountain Desert District of the UUA and will be available for the first time on the weekend of October 8-10 at the MDD conference in Ogden, Utah.  This is a VERY exciting project featuring many of my original songs as well as some of my favorites by Betsy Rose, Harmony Grisman, Madge Strong, Linda Hirschhorn, Marianne Barlow and others.  A quote from my songbook workshop this fall in Corvallis - "I am hungry for combining the sensibility of the UU "Message" with a deeper spritiual meaning.  Judy Fjell's songs do that . . . and with fun." (Peter Sanford (Corvallis)

I had a terrific time leading music at Russell Lockwood Leadership School again the beginning of August. It was held at Sunrise Ranch, a beautiful retreat center near Loveland, Colorado. Besides the usual music excitement I was pleased to experience two new first time bird sightings - the yellow-breasted chat and the orange-crowned warbler. The birding there was fantastic!

Some of you may be wondering what is going on with Good Dog Ukulele School. It IS alive and well despite the fact that I haven't finished the website. I've been selling lots of Good Dog books, those fantastic colored Mahalo ukuleles, and Good Dog t-shirts. If you'd like to order books, ukes or shirts at this point, the best way (and the only way) is to contact me at judyfjell@mac.com.

Speaking of ukuleles, I'll be presenting a workshop at the Black Hills Recreation Leaders Lab from October 2-8 at Outlaw Ranch near Custer, SD - should be a great experience.  Many thanks to Anne Hammond for hosting a Judy Fjell ukulele and singing game workshop on August 19th at Brookside School in Willits, CA. It was a very productive and enjoyable day!

Lenore and I just saw the Birth of Impressionism show at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. What an inspiration! And it was moving to find out more about the history and context of my favorite paintings and artists. If you haven't seen the show yet, I highly recommend a pilgrimage.

Friends say that fall is on its way in Montana - lower light and crisp air in the late afternoons. I'm flying back home today from California and will soon resume teaching private lessons, rural schools and the after school program. But an important priority is to get in another kayak trip or two down the Yellowstone and to experience the fall bird migrations before the first snowstorms. The yellowlegs were already on their way south in July. So many of these species make some incredible journeys each year. I guess my touring schedule looks mild compared to our winged friends. 

Hope to see you this fall. Stay in touch and take heart. "With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world (Desiderata)."

Much love, Judy



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