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  October 15, 2009

Hello, all, I hope this newsletter finds each of you in good health and good spirits.  I知 sure I should have been writing more frequently, but so much has been happening that I知 not sure where to find the time.  I continue to enjoy the many adventures and wonderful moments of teaching, writing and performing music.  Thanks to all of you and others in my extended community of fans, friends, and students who keep making it all possible.

The events I describe below can all be found on my website calendar, but here痴 a little more information about what I知 up to . . . .

This weekend I知 heading to Missoula and Kalispell, Montana for concerts at their UU fellowships on Oct. 16 & 17 with my dear friends and fabulous musicians Beth Youngblood (violin, vocals) and Janet Haarvig (cello, bass, vocals).  I値l also be leading the UU service in Kalispell on Sunday and leading a voice empowerment workshop for women.  All of this is listed on my calendar here on the website.

On Monday night, the 19th, I will be joining artist-activist Kristi Hager to lead a Missoula rehearsal for the tenth anniversary of the Cool Water Hula, which will take place on July 10, 2010.  If you didn稚 hear about the 2000 event, you can catch up at http://www.butteamerica.com/coolhula.htm.  It was quite a day.  We intend the tenth anniversary hula to be another effort to draw attention to the need for healing of those waters in the Berkeley Pit.  Incidentally, the western edge of that Superfund site, the largest Superfund site in the nation, was healed recently when the Milltown Dam was removed.  We did the Cool Water Hula there, also.  It痴 a powerful dance!

Then I head down through Oregon where I値l be presenting a house concert with none other than Crystal Reeves, my musical pal of many years.  It is always so fun to play with her - we look forward to the reunion. Also joining us as a special guest that evening is my longtime musical friend, Nancy Spencer, the saw player about whom I wrote the song 適nowing You Makes Me Want to Be Fifty-Two.   She and her grandchildren (now quite grown up) are also the subject of my song 鄭t Nancy痴 House.

Coming up on Halloween weekend is the Women Making Music Retreat, known by our community as 展oMaMu.  Improv Comedy guru Pamela Stoneham and I will be leading the festivities and many attendees will be leading singalongs, jam sessions, and workshops on acoustic instruments.

Before leaving on this trip I致e been quite busy working on my website.  The main work I致e done is to enter the bulk of my song lyrics under the category 鏑ibrary of Songs.  I致e entered 130 songs to this point and will be adding from time to time.  These songs, the choral pieces and the instrumentals that I致e written add up to over a hundred and fifty songs over my thirty-five years of performing as a singer-songwriter.  It痴 a quite a trip through my past to have visited all these lyrics again.  I hope you will enjoy looking at your favorites and exploring some you may never have heard.

I also have posted my bird columns on the website under 的n Judy痴 Words.  My passion for birding continues, so I expect to post more of those as I write them.  The local paper, The Big Timber Pioneer, has been publishing them this year.  的n Judy痴 Words will also include poetry, essays, and some of the UU sermons I have given over the last ten years.

An easy way for me to post pictures of various activities is to put them up on my MobileMe gallery.  The address is http://gallery.me.com/judyfjell#gallery.  A visit to that site will show you the activities of the 12 foot goddess puppet Synnvei, who was 塗atched at Summersing 2008 and continues develop into quite a presence in our Montana communities.

The MobileMe gallery site also features pictures of our wonderful Summersing camp in June/July of 2009, my trip to Japan in August to teach children at the Gunma Kokusai Academy, and my September weekend with families of children on the autism spectrum at the TA Ranch in Wyoming (That weekend is called Beat of a Different Drum).  I致e posted some pictures of the Cool Water Hula at MobileMe and will post more in the future.  Feel free to visit the gallery anytime.

I hope to see some of you next summer at Summersing 2010 (June 26-July 2) at Camp Child near Helena, Montana.  We have been having a whale of a good time at that wonderful camp.  You can see the promo video on my home page www.judyfjell.com. Now is a good time to make camp a priority for 2010 setting up payments through the year.  You can contact me or Carol Lynn, the Summersing registrar, who has been so helpful in making camp happen over many years.  Her email is shellyn76@sbcglobal.net and phone is (530)757-2948.  My email is judyfjell@mac.com and my phone number is (406)932-6468.

Other ongoing projects include the children痴 CD that Nancy Schimmel and I are working on, more recordings in general (I need more hours in the day for that!), instructional materials for guitar and ukulele, and song collections for UUs.

In the meantime, I continue to write songs and play music in the beauty of my Montana home.  Just yesterday thousands of sandhill cranes were cruising along the Yellowstone River making that joyous sound from prehistoric times - kind of a rolling bugle.  Wow!  My pets and students and friends keep me good company, although I am sad to report that in September my 18 year old cat Alix Dobkin let me know it was time to take that 斗ast trip under the deck.  When I was going through my song lyric files the other day, I found the song I wrote about the first time I spied her mother, a feral cat, in the laundry room in Yountville, CA, almost twenty years ago.  It must be a powerful song, because last night I dreamed about cats all night, AND, mysteriously enough, a mouse appeared on my kitchen floor in the middle of the night (that was one of Alix痴 favorite tricks).

Here痴 the song and my best to all of you.  Keep in touch.  Feel free to email me anytime with stories of your experiences with my music or ideas of concerts or workshops I might provide.  And may you enjoy good health and life痴 sweetness and adventures!


KITTY, KITTY, KITTY  ゥ1990 Judy Fjell (BMI)

1. When I walked past the shed today something caught my eye
Peeking out from a cardboard box way up high
Two itty-bitty ears, two itty-bitty eyes, two itty-bitty paws
I値l bet that some of you can guess what it was I saw

I saw a kitty kitty kitty at our house, maybe it痴 a stray
I壇 like to have a pretty little kitty, hope this one痴 here to stay
Kitty kitty come here to stay

2. I went back in the house right away and I poured a bowl of milk
Now I see the cat痴 black with a white front leg, it痴 coat is smooth as silk
It痴 got a clean white face, a stripe up its nose, black spot in its chinny-chin-chin
It hissed at me but I opened up my heart and said 適itty kitty come on in!

There痴 a kitty kitty kitty at our house, maybe it痴 a stray
I壇 like to have a pretty little kitty, hope this one痴 here to stay
Kitty kitty come here to stay

3. The days went by, the weeks went by and the kitty got a little more tame
I was growing very fond of her and I think she felt the same
For one day when I scratched her back you know what I heard?
The sweetest sound that a kitty can make - Yup, she up and purred!

There痴 a kitty kitty kitty at our house, maybe it痴 a stray
I壇 like to have a pretty little kitty, hope this one痴 here to stay
Kitty kitty come here to stay

Honey Pie Music  PO Box 1515 Big Timber, MT 59011  (406)932-6468  www.judyfjell.com


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