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Hello, friends,

I hope the new year finds you well and happy.  Despite the economic downturn, I find myself optimistic about the way that people are coming together to solve problems, and the way that our new president is calling us to be of service.  I have been enjoying substantive conversations with friends about how we can contribute to the well being of our neighborhoods, our nation, our world, and our planet.

In addition to teaching private lessons and rural schools Tuesday-Thursday in Montana, I am working on several projects:

  • a new children's CD with Nancy Schimmel
  • a short tour in Colorado the first weekend in February with several UU congregations and a "UKE it UP" UKEFEST at an elementary school in Boulder (see calendar)
  • getting ready for the annual Summersing Camp hosted by Music Empowerment, Inc.

Speaking of Summersing, I'd like to extend this warm invitation:


SUMMERSING (since1986)  


JUNE 27 - 28  CAMP OPTION #1 (Sat. 10 AM - Sun. Lunch) $75-$125

 JUNE 28 - JULY 3 CAMP OPTION #2 (Sun. 4 PM - Fri. NOON) $500-$700

 JUNE 27 - JULY 3 CAMP OPTION #3 (Sat. 10 AM - Fri. NOON) $575-$825

In preparation for camp, I made a promotional video which I invite you to view on the home page at www.judyfjell.com .  I've also updated the description of Summersing on the Music Camps page, so please check it out.  If you'd like to join us for camp this summer, you can download a flyer/registration form right there on the Summersing page. 
e on the Music Empowerment board are attempting to make it as easy for you to attend camp as we possibly can.  Notice the three options for dates and that all fees are sliding scale.  Your generosity is appreciated, but we want it to be affordable for you.  And, you can contact registrar Carol Lynn at shellynn76@sbcglobal.net to set up time payments if you'd like.

I'd love to share Montana with any of you who are interested in spending a week feeding your creativity, nurturing your friendships, and enjoying the natural world (while someone else prepares delicious, healthful meals). We love Camp Child, our Summersing home, nestled in the mountains of Montana's Continental Divide with an abundance of natural beauty - lake, big sky, creek, river, tall trees, birds, wildflowers. 

And our staff for Summersing 2009 is once again, simply the best!  See the Summersing page for details.
Some of you may have noticed that I keep updating the website, thanks to the generous help of my friend and web diva, Kit Gateley, in San Diego.  Next on the list is to add the video of Summersing campers working on the 11 foot Synnovei goddess puppet while singing "Being a Pirate."  Seeing that will give you more flavor of what camp in Montana is like.
In the meantime, I again wish you well and look forward to seeing you somewhere along the way.
Keep singing!


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