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Hey, friends, I've been so busy living in the moment that I haven't been very good at letting you know EVERYTHING that's been going on for me . . . However, a very exciting thing is that I was interviewed by Justine Toms this spring for New Dimensions Radio, and that show "Singing for Your LIfe" is being broadcast on NPR this week!  Please pass this on to your friends!
Check out your local programming at   http://www.newdimensions.org

New Dimensions Media is featuring an interview with me, Judy Fjell, in August
Singing For Your Life
Hosted by Justine Willis Toms. Program 3250
Here are three ways you may hear this program:
1)  For the week beginning Wednesday, August 13, New Dimensions Media will feature this interview heard in over 400 communities on radio stations around the U.S., and many more around the world including Canada and Australia.
(To see if there is a station near you where you can hear the program go to the New Dimensions website).
click on left menu --  Where to Listen.
2)  It can also be heard on New Dimensions' website for two weeks of free listening beginning Wednesday, August 13th.
scroll down the homepage and look for  --  Programs of the Week Free Listening!
3)  You may download the interview on MP3 from the New Dimensions Media website.  It will be made available as of the first week in August. Please note this program will remain available as part of the extensive archives of New Dimensions Media and may be ordered from that point on. The cost is $1.99.
4) You may check out the other excellent interviews on the subject of nourishing the spirit that are contained in the New Dimensions by typing the word spirituality or self help in the search box on the New Dimensions website.
Listen to New Dimensions Internet Radio (NDIR).  Six hours of original programming including the current "flagship" program and gems of timeless wisdom from the extensive archives heard 24/7.
click on Listen to NDIR now!

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