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Education > Vo-CE Workshops

Judy will teach Tami Pallingston's Music Classes to 
Big Fun! 
Tomales High School

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE with JUDY FJELL - April 3-5, 2012 
Singing Games in the Classroom
Fun for teachers and students
Language Skills, Social Skills, Music Skills


Over the past thirty years Judy has empowered teachers and children to find their voices and play musical games to build social skills, acquire music skills, and develop language skills.  At the Willits Schools she teaches songs and games to individual classrooms in the school during the three days, then hosts two giant sharing sessions in the cafeteria so that the children can see and hear each other.  The school holds a family night after the third day so the parents and siblings can enjoy the songs and games. This "Voice-Centered Education" project was originally pioneered by Music Empowerment, Inc. in 1994 with workshops and artist-in-residences in the Willits-Ukiah area.  Judy's knowledge and training in this kind of music education is the result of many years of using the Music EdVentures SongWorks approach.  She originally began using song experience games in an Education Through Music class in Corvallis, Oregon in 1982, taught by Mary Helen Richards and her team of music teachers.  This way of teaching has also taken her to Japan several times, where song games are used with great success to teach English.

Vo-CE  (pronounced VO-chay) Voice-Centered Education 
is sponsored by Music Empowerment, Inc. 501(c)3
(For more information on the resources Judy uses in her teaching of Vo-CE, please see musicedventures.org)

To schedule a Vo-CE workshop, contact Judy Fjell PO Box 1616 Helena, MT (406)930-1650 judyfjell@mac.com

"Thanks, Judy, for the 2004 summer class. I am able not only to "get through" this year of difficult kids, but thanks to the singing games, they are thriving, and SO AM I!" - 2004 Summer Class Participant

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